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Yasuaki Igarashi

Shared Lines: Kaikōura's Artist in Residence 
Boosted Sora Ami 2.jpg

Born in 1978 in Chiba Prefecture, Yasuaki Igarashi graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School with a Master’s Degree in 2005. With the help and cooperation of other people, he makes changes to the scenery in many places by adopting and connecting its culture and beauty to the land of that certain place.

So far his projects include sailing to Micronesia from Japan by yacht in 2005 (a distance of about 4000km), and voyaging about 970km along the Sea of Japan coast in 2012. These experiences formed the basis of Igarashi’s “Perspectives from the Sea.” “Kusukaki,” an art project started in 2010, in a forest of camphor in Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine (Fukuoka Prefecture) & aims to follow a thousand years of time passage. And“Sora-ami” catches sky, fishing, and braided land sceneries along with fishermen (displayed at Setouchi Triennale 2013 – 2016).

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