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Art & About


16 - 24 th February : West End, Kaikōura


Image Credit: Margaret Lewis' Aroha. Photo by Jennifer Shields

Art & About brought a variety of works out of the gallery and into the street. Nearly 20 businesses throughout West End hosted sculptures, paintings, ceramics and prints by local and national artists. Margaret Lewis’ Aroha was a highlight in the middle of town – yellow duct tape transformed a chain-link fence into the framework for an upscaled embroidered text. Meanwhile Helene Olivia Smith enchanted young and old alike with her work, Once Were Moa – ceramic moa-scaled eggs arranged in a driftwood nest, left undisturbed and respected in public space. Viewers were able to take a self-directed art tour by picking up a map of the arts trail and throughout the festival's duration there were scheduled Art & About walking tours with the SL:K curators.

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Image Credit: Helene Olivia Smith Once Were Moa. Photo by Jennifer Shields

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