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Kaikōura Museum presents the Shared Lines 'What's Art Got To Do With It?' Symposium

Kaikōura Museum - Tuesday 19th February: 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Image Credit: Presentations at Kaikōura Museum for SL:K Symposium. Photo by John Lake

 As part of SL:K, Kaikōura Museum hosted an open symposium, facilitated by Wellington based arts producer; Mark Amery, which opened up discussion and debate around the role of art in community. A series of talks from artists, councillors, planners and community leaders addressed the question “What’s art got to do with it?” and discussed how we can use art - in all its forms - to help us address community, economic and environmental issues and build resilient communities. The next morning, a post-symposium hui was arranged with the aim of creating a steering group and instigating an ongoing arts and culture strategy for the town.

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