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Pie in the Sky Bicycle Parade

Saturday 23rd February: 8:10 - 8:50 pm

Image Credit: Pie In The Sky workshop at Kaikōura Memorial Hall. Photo by John Lake

Throughout the week, the Pie in the Sky team had visited each and every school, running workshops with kids on how to light up their bikes in preparation for a public bike parade on the final night of the festival. They researched the “confidential” archive files of the Kaikōura Museum and worked secretly at the Community Space/Menz Shed, creating a float and an audio accompaniment that wove together whale song and de-classified recordings from the legendary UFO sighting above the town just over 40 years ago. A white whale, paper-skinned and lit up, was flanked by flashing, glowing bicycles, scooters and prams in a surreal procession from the Pier Hotel to the Memorial Hall. Pie in the Sky then transformed into their alter-egos Bric-a-brac Ravers and got the kids dancing their energy out as the adults dried off.


Image Credit: Pie In The Sky team post Parade. Photo by John Lake

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