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Kyla Cresswell


Matsu III – Wellington, 2017

Kyla Cresswell: "In my work, I hope to convey the impression of an environment, the feeling of a place, a slice of time. It seems I am consistently drawn to trees in my art making. Growing up in Invercargill, it was the southern coastline that first sparked my ongoing interest in nature topiarised by extreme conditions. My work over the past two decades has often responded to an environmental concern, from the denuding of land by forestry and agriculture to a diminishing natural landscape and changed habitats. Moving between the scratchy lines of drypoint, the crisp embosses of woodcut to the soft tones of mezzotint, I enjoy exploring the unique mark making and visual effects that these handmade printmaking techniques allow.
My work often explores the physical impact of the elements on the natural environment, the fragility of this environment and the consequences of our occupation. In the creation of my prints, I strive to find a sense of stillness and show a quiet celebration of the natural world.”

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