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Kaikoura Supermoon Triptych.jpg

Jane Riley

Supermoon Aftermath - Kaikoura

by local artist Jane Riley

This artwork in oils with texture on canvas, depicts the second night after the November 14th 2016 Earthquake in Kaikoura.

The Supermoon - being closest to the earth in 69 years,  rose and loomed in all its bright culprit glory over the devastated harbour revealing  the 6 war ships that came to Kaikoura’s aid - an unforgettable sight!

“The Wellington” (far left) and “The Canterbury” (forward) delivered the town essential goods, and then “The Canterbury” loaded tourists, local people and helpers for their return trip.

Out further on the horizon featured an Australian, Canadian, American and another New Zealand war ship.  Powerful imagery of the help Kaikoura received in our isolated, broken state.

The unrest and constant aftershocks are depicted by the artist in the upheaval movements of the magnetized water.


Jane’s oil paintings reflect her love of the natural environment interpreted with tremendous energy, passion and flair, often incorporating textures of sand, gemstones, shells and other natural materials. The finished artworks are striking - unique - vibrating with flamboyant colour and design. “There is magic everywhere and I aspire to create and help visually inspire others.  I love the challenge to eternally better myself. Once you know the ropes (techniques) you can stray from them. I take lots of risks and apply a variety of the learned techniques to my vast repertoire of self taught ideas.”  

Riley is published as one of New Zealand’s Favourite artists and her artworks are displayed in various national and international private collections. Extensive overseas travel has amplified the artist’s appreciation of the peace and beauty in New Zealand where she feels very fortunate to live “The life of Riley”!

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