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David Draper


Brook and Wairoa – 2015, Bexley

This work (including Brook and Wairoa) is a semi-continuation of a documentary photography project set up by the Bexley Residents association and the university of Canterbury. The aim was to document the effects of the Christchurch earthquakes on the relatively small suburb of Bexley. Since the end of this project titled Dissappearing Suburbs I have continued to visit the area of Bexley and photograph the shifts in the suburb as it goes from a residential area to what is termed as Red-Zone, where no further development is possible. My interest is in representing the current state of the area as well as referencing the history of the suburb and it’s potential future. I think it is important to share the story of this continuously evolving suburb and help bring light to the nature of the landscape after a natural disaster. My hopes are that my photography can help start a conversation about effects of disasters on the community and help prepare and educate people on this particular reality.

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