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Today: Saturday 23rd

1.30pm : Whales rehearsal for 4pm performance  - Meet at Memorial Hall : all welcome!

2:00 - 3:50pm : Hang out with music and performances at the Uplift Hub with Louie Neale and Jen Shields 

3:45 pm : Parade from Uplift Hub to Anzac Park

4:00 pm : Whales performance at the Anzac Park and beach opposite Memorial Hall

5:00 - 7.30pm : Community Music Stage at Uplift Hub/Memorial Hall including:

5:00 pm Kids Time with Kedron Parker and Bec Coogan

6:00 pm Easy Listening Sax with Lester Baxter

6:30 pm Shay Hooray

7:00 pm MVP (Jimi)

8:00 pm : Kaikaranga for Sora-Ami by the Pier Hotel

8:10 pm start : Pie In The Sky Bike Parade starting at the Sora-Ami installed at the Pier Hotel and ending at Memorial Hall

9:00 pm - late : Night Music Stage at Memorial Hall

Shay Hooray (MC)

Bric 'a' Brac Ravers

Bec Coogan

Shay Horay Act

MVP (Jimi)

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