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Audrey Baldwin

SNOOD workshops: Tuesday 19th (kids) & Wednesday 20th (adults)
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Image Credit: Janneth Gil

Audrey Baldwin is a Christchurch based performance artist, curator and event producer. Audience and community engagement play a key role in her practice. She has been creating events, exhibitions, performances and installations in and around Christchurch as a method of revitalising spaces, boosting community spirits and maintaining a strong presence of the Arts since 2011. She is known for creating engaging experiences that can be shared through multiple memories and conversations both within and outside of a gallery context. 


For Shared Lines: Kaikōura Audrey will be hosting a series of community focused Shared Snood workshops, where you can learn to macramé

For more information about Audreys previous projects for SLC click here (Christchurch 2012) and here (Wellington 2017).

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